Fluffy™ FX Chocolate Gossamer® Lashes - Pro Pack (2 count)

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There's a new curl in town and you're going to be all about it. The Fluffy X Gossamer® lash is here to indulge your over-the-top cravings with a mega curl that is X-traordinary. Everything you love about the Fluffy Gossamer® mixed with the curl power of the Extra Extreme Gossamer®… nothing short of fabulous.

The Fluffy X style is designed to give the curliest and most fluttery appearance. Due to the stronger curl, they may appear shorter. Each Fluffy X Gossamer® will have slight variations due to the high temperatures required to create the multidimensional layers.

For maximum comfort, we do not recommend using the Fluffy X Gossamers on inner or outer corners because the fibers are very dense.

Each Pro Pack features two Gossamer® Lash cartridges of the length chosen. 

100% Premium Korean PBT Silk 
52 Individual fibers per Gossamer® 
12 Gossamer® lashes per cartridge
Color: Chocolate
Cruelty-free and Vegan
Available Lengths: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm
Curl: Strong - D/C/J Multi-Curl 

Remember: Gossamer® lashes are part of the Lashify system and are not your basic lash strip. For best results, do not handle with regular applicators or tweezers. Use with Lashify's patented Fuse Control™ Wand and other patented tools and formulas.

After application, refrain from getting Gossamer lashes wet until the bond has had time to cure. Minimum of 12-24 hours.

Gossamer® lashes are final sale. Patent No. 10,660,388

Fluffy™ FX Chocolate Gossamer® Lashes Gossamer Lash Sets Lashify F12 - 12mm

Fluffy™ FX Chocolate Gossamer® Lashes - Pro Pack (2 count)