Level Up & Lashify Pro

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Lashify Pro Kit Learn everything you need to know about the history of Lashes, Lashify innovations, how to apply Lashify to your clients, and how to make more money! Pass the quizzes, and get certified to access the Pro Discount. All the training and products you need to change your lash life!

The Lashify Pro kit includes:
  • Amplify Gossamers
  • Bold Gossamers
  • Curl Gossamers
  • Exclusive Fuse Control™ Wand
  • Pre-Cleanse
  • Melt Away
  • Whisper Light™ Clear
  • Whisper Light Black
  • Bondage™
  • Night Bond™
  • Glass
  • Blow
  • Wandom™ Pack
  • Lashify Pro Terry Headbands
  • Disposable Wands
  • Touch-Up Wands and Aftercare cards
Specialized training A comprehensive set of training materials that will help you level up your lash game, and leverage the transformational power that Lashify’s patented technology delivers.
Lashify Creation

The history of Lashify and how it all began.

Bonds and Sealers

Everything you need to know about our patented Bonds and Sealers. Flexible and nourishing, designed to hold Gossamer® lashes while protecting the integrity of natural lashes.

Cleansers and Removers

Why you need them, how to use them.


Learn everything you need to know about how to choose and apply the best Gossamer style to amplify your clients’ lash looks.

Eye shapes
Lash mapping
Aftercare and removal
Application techniques
Apply on clients

Let Lashify help you build your business. Join our community of Certified Lashify Pros empowered to deliver exceptional Lashify lash experiences to their clients. Increase your earning potential through Lashify services.